The SWD rules state that a character makes a Vigor roll for every four hours he spends in temperatures below freezing, with a cumulative -1 penalty per 20 degrees lower. This assumes he’s wearing a warm shirt and cloak.

In Hellfrost, the penalties listed in the Temperature Table assume a character is already wearing such apparel. The constant, biting wind gives a higher penalty to Vigor rolls in the setting, making proper winter cloting essential even in the temperate regions during winter. A character wearing less substantial clothing than a warm shirt and cloak gets an additional -2 penalty to his Vigor rolls.

Temperature Table

Hearthlands Low Winterlands High Winterlands Hellfrost Temp ( C ) Temp ( F ) Vigor
Summer - - - 22 to 12 69 to 53 N/A
Spring/fall Summer - - 11 to 1 52 to 33 N/A
Winter Spring/fall Summer - 0 to -10 32 to 13 -1
- Winter Spring/fall - -11 to -21 12 to -7 -2
- - Winter - -22 to -32 -8 to -27 -3
- - - Outer -33 to -44 -28 to -47 -4
- - - Core -45 to -55 -48 to -67 -5
- - - Core, at night -56 or lower -68 or lower -6


At night, the temperature drops 1 level as the warmth from the weak sun leeches away, leaving the terrain bitterly cold.


Whether it is a cave, snow hole, a tent, or a refuge spell, shelter keeps out the biting winds. Shelter grants a +1 to +4 bonus to Vigor rolls to resist the cold, depending on how windproof it is.

A suitable fire in the shelter grants a further +2 bonus. Is some cases, lighting a fire may cause additional problems (like melting the roof of an ice cave).

Frequency of Vigor Rolls

So long as the modifiers from winter cloting worn by the heroes, Edges granting resistance to cold, or shelter provide a Vigor modifier equal to or higher than the Vigor penalty of the region, regular Vigor rolls are not necessary.

If the penalty is higher than the combined protection bonuses, use the difference (net penalty) to see how often the hero must make a Vigor roll:

Vigor Roll Frequency Table

Vigor Mod Frequency
-1 4 hours
-2 2 hours
-3 1 hour
-4 30 minutes
-5 15 minutes
-6 1 minute


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