Below is a brief overview of SWD Fatigue. Hellfrost is a very cold setting, so see the Temperature page for further details.


A character who falls victim to Fatigue passes through several declining states before finally succumbing to his stress. Each of these states and the penalties they incur are described below.

  • Fatigued: The hero is tiring quickly. All of his Trait checks suffer a -1 modifier. If he suffers Fatigue again, he becomes Exhausted.
  • Exhausted: The hero is fading fast. He suffers -2 to all Trait rolls. If he suffers Fatigue again, he’s Incapacitated unless the hazard description says otherwise.
  • Incapacitated: The victim collapses and is Incapacitated. See Incapacitation Effects under each Hazard for what happens next.

Multiple Hazards

It doesn’t matter what the source of Fatigue is. If a hero who’s already Exhausted from hunger then suffers a level of Fatigue from cold, he becomes Incapacitated. A character suffering from multiple sources of Fatigue must address both to recover.


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