Hellfrost Episodes

Episode 10
Catcher in the Cold

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The group has returned to Aslov with Rezurtan Traefyre, who is apparently a member of the Vigilum. They all pay the toll to enter the city (4s per horse/wolf, 2s per person), take Rezurtan to the High Hearth Inn, and the go off to tend to their own personal business in the city. Argius requests that they return to the High Hearth soon to speak with him.


Episode 9
He Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire

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Episode 8
Farmer in Distress

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Episode 7
The Sky is Falling

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Episode 6
The Old Fort

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Episode 5
Favor for a Dwarf

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Cold Hands, Fox, and Lamont head back to Fox‘s shop to clean up and have a drink. After a while, they sit in the kitchen and Cold Hands again asks Fox if he knows of a “Shadoweaver” in Aslov. Extra wrinkles form across the old man’s face as Fox dives deep into his memories. After a few moments, he looks back at Cold Hands and replies “Shadoweaver, eh? Sounds familiar, but I don’t know him. Gimmie some time, an’ I’ll ask around a bit. Some fool’s got to know this fellow.” Somewhat relieved, Cold Hands thanks Fox and takes his leave, asking Fox to meet him at Black Moon Alchemy when he finds something.

After catching up with his son, Fox heads to a local gambling den, where he is a frequent patron. He sits down for a few games of cards with some of the other regulars, and quickly finds himself on a winning streak, amassing a few hundred gold scields within an hour or so. He slyly works in the subject of a “shadoweaver” being somewhat involved in the disappearance with his son, and one of his present monetary victims takes the bait.

I’ve heard of Shadoweaver. Works with that old frost dwarf, Uhlrik Helmsbow. Word on the street is that he’s skipped town, though. Only a matter of time until being a sellsword gets you in trouble with the law, y’know; ’specially in Aslov!

A few more games in, Fox starts asking about this Uhlrik fellow, and learns that he used to spend some time in a village just outside of Aslov’s jurisdiction: Dunross. Fox cashes in his winnings, and with a much heavier coin purse he finds his way to Rodgar’s shop.

On his way, Fox runs into Bayleaf, who was returning to Fox’s shop to meet up with him. They had previously been out looking for Lamont together, but had split up. Always interested in helping others, Bayleaf quickly offers to help Fox with his new job, and they continue on together.

Arriving at Black Moon Alchemy, introductions are had: Fox to Milos Apferas and Mysti Sno, and Bayleaf to Cold Hands. After hearing the information Fox had gathered, they plan to set out to Dunross in search of Uhlrik Helmsbow, hoping he can lead them to Shadoweaver. While Cold Hands procures a carriage, the others stock up on supplies.

The journey to Dunross was slow, and other than stopping at a Travel Tower for the night, it was uneventful. The night was cold, but bearable in the comfort of the tower’s hearth. Mysti tried to again take the money in the Road Wardens’ donation box, but Milos stops her. At dawn, they load the carriage and continue their journey to Dunross.

They approach Dunross to find its wooden gates wide open, and a man stationed there welcomes them as they pass. The carriage comes to a stop at the inn, just inside the gates. Milos, Mysti, and Bayleaf head into the inn to spend some time at the tavern. Milos buys the group some ale, and Bayleaf asks the innkeeper if she knows of Shadoweaver. She asks him why he asks, and explains that he frequents Dunross, but has not been around for quite some time. As she pours the ale, she directs them toward a dwarf in the corner, named Uhlrik Helmsbow.

Bayleaf, eager to converse with another frost dwarf, walks over to Uhlrik. He attempts to make small talk as if all dwarves are brothers, but Uhlrik does not respond in kind. In fact, he actively tries to sway Bayleaf to leave. Milos intervenes and apologizes for his friend’s awkwardness, hands Uhlrik another drink and asks if he would mind answering a question. When asked about Shadoweaver, Uhlrik confirmed that he has worked for him in the past. The two came to an agreement – Milos and his friends would do a favor for Uhlrik, and in return he would arrange a meeting with Shadoweaver.

Meanwhile, Fox and Cold Hands headed to the shrine of Eostre…

Being the ever-vigilant salesman, Fox worked up a scheme on their way across the street to the shrine. Cold Hands entered the shrine first, casting one of his spells upon the alter – rabbits appeared all over it. The handful of villagers there were amazed, immediately praising Eostre, but Fox steps in, calls their attention, and gives a speech (Written and given by benhgd):

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in celebration of the bounties of Eostre which so sustain your beautiful community. This sign of the rabbit upon your shine heralds our arrival, and our message to you. A new challenger approaches! For with the news we bring you, your community will no longer merely sustain itself but be moving on up! Let me preach on it. First, my story. In the days of my youth, I was told what it means to be a man. Now I’ve reached that age, I’ve tried to do all those things the best I can. But no matter how I try, I find my way into the same old jam. Then I found the bosom of Elizabeth. This was Divine Intervention! You know what “divine intervention” is? She said: “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.” Now I am but a simple commodities dealer in the great city of Aslov. Perhaps you have heard of it. But Elizabeth has blessed me with the bounties of her bosom and upon this junk I shall build my church! I have a dream today! A dream that one day the faithful of Eostre and Elizbeth shall sit down together at the table of honestly earned wealth and then rise together to carry the message of the bounties of Elizabeth’s bosom upon their shoulders to the world. We can start with about four of you and a few poles.

WIll the dwarf come through on his end? What does he want them to do? What the heck is Elizabethism? Find out next time, on Hellfrost!

Episode 4

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As Argius ap-Argius turns to leave, he mentions an elderly Anari that may be able to help find information about Shadoweaver.

"You may benefit from speaking to Fox, an older gentleman who runs a store in the South end of the Old City. He’s a bit of a curmudgeon, but he’s lived here a long time and knows a lot of people here."

Cold Hands offers to go down to Fox’ shop while Milos and Mysti watch over Rodgar and his place. Argius tells them that he will send for someone to take Rodgar somewhere safer, and thanks them again for all of their help.

Cold Hands heads south through the Old City looking for Fox’ shop, and finds it just as Fox is returning from his recent adventure. After confirming that this old man is Fox, Cold Hands introduces himself and asks if he wouldn’t mind answering a few questions. Fox takes a sharp breath, ready to respond with insult, but is stopped as he goes to unlock his door – it’s been broken into. Frustrated, he offers to answer the questions if Cold Hands helps him check out his home.

Cold Hands enters the shop to find the whole room littered with what looks like junk. Everything is out of place, as if the room was wantonly rummaged through. He warns Fox to prepare himself, who just scoffs and walks in as if everything is where it should be. Fox asks Cold Hands to take a look around to make sure no one is here while he checks his inventories.

They both take their time through the mess of a store and eventually meet in the kitchen, where a note is pinned to a table with a small dagger. Before reading the note, Fox tries to sell the dagger to Cold Hands, who is obviously a bit of a fighter.

We have your son. If you want to see him again, bring 500 gold scields to the old warehouse down the road at dusk on Endedaeg. Come alone.

Fox is both overjoyed and enraged – he had just spent the last few days in the wilderness looking for his son, Lamont, who he had believed to have been taken prisoner by a band of Orcs. He and his friends found and dispatched the Orcs, but Lamont was nowhere to be found. Now his son is supposedly alive, but he hasn’t the funds to pay this ransom. He looks again at Cold Hands and asks him if he would help rescue his son. In return, he will try to do more than just answer the questions. Eager for a fight and to find Shadoweaver, Cold Hands accepts.

With this being Milcdaeg, the pair have a day to prepare. Even with their personal funds combined, they do not have the demanded $500, so they devise a plan. They will first scout the warehouse and attempt to find the kidnappers in an attempt to see what kind of security will be there. Then, they will disguise a bag of coins to pass as gold at a glance.

First, Fox disguises himself so he is not spotted by the kidnappers, as he is known well enough in this part of town. During this time, Cold Hands heads down to the warehouse to get a quick look. Being unfamiliar with the locals here (and uncomfortable in the city in general), he doesn’t notice anything out of the ordinary – the streets are teeming with people, filth, and filthy people.

A few minutes later, Fox shows up in disguise and begins asking around for Lamont. Most people don’t respond, while some point him toward Fox’ shop. However, one Engro seems a little nervous:

"W-Where do you think he’d be, eh? That old coot’s shop, of course, yeah. Why would I know, anyway?"

When pushed a little more for information, he quickly tries to end the conversation. However, Fox offers to buy him a meal, which turns his attitude around. They walk over to The Leaky Roof Tavern, find a table (conveniently in a semi-private spot), and order some food. Thanks to the food shortage in Aslov, the barely-edible gruel cost a hefty 10 silver scields, but Fox acts as if it’s nothing. The engro eats quickly, thanks the strange man for the meal, and again directs him toward Fox’s shop, insisting multiple times that he would find Lamont there.

By this point, Cold Hands had followed them to the tavern, and sees the engro leave in a hurry. He ducks into an alley, and Cold Hands casually gives chase. Making sure to keep plenty of distance between them, his target remains unaware that he is being followed. The engro leads Cold Hands through the alleys of the Old City to the very warehouse they’ve been watching!

Returning to Fox, they devise yet another plan. They believe that this small fellow will be warning whoever is holding Lamont that people are asking around about him. To prevent them from preparing too much, Fox and Cold Hands decide to run in head-on to free Lamont.

As the reach the warehouse’s front door, the Milcdaeg dusk is approaching, and with it a chilly evening. Refugees that are lucky enough to be inside the city walls are flocking to find shelter, and this abandoned building is a perfect place. Expecting a fight, Fox and Cold Hands attempt to pose as a city official and a buyer interested in purchasing the building to clear out as many refugees as possible. They manage to convince the majority of them to leave (with threats of legal action), when they spot the Engro standing with a Saxa in front of a door in the back of the building.

Wasting no time, Cold Hands summons a hoard of rabbits upon the two guards, who are immobilized. With nary a word, he walks up to the Engro and jabs his antler staff through him. The remaining refugees start running in fear, clearing the building completely. Turning to the other guard, he demands to know where Lamont is. The Saxa, terrified and nearly helpless, tells him that Jake the Snake has him in the back room – right through there!

Cold Hands takes a step back, thanks the guard, and summons yet another rabbit – and not the cuddly kind that hold his victims down. This one has sharp, pointy teeth, and viciously sharpens them on the poor Saxa guard.

Fox and Cold Hands move into the room to find it empty, with an open hatch in the floor. Fox, hearing footsteps running through the sewers below, exclaims that they hurry!

The sewers are dark, dank, and full; but Fox and Cold Hands try their best to ignore the state of these tunnels as they chase who they believe is Jake the Snake. Their quarry was easy to follow, thanks to the torch he was carrying. With further help from his entangling rabbit-friends, Cold Hands manages to stop the both of them.

One of the men was, indeed, Jake the Snake, who begrudgingly directs them toward a ladder into another building. Cold Hands climbs up first, to see a small room with two more Saxa men guarding over a man tied to a chair – Lamont! He leaps up into the room, ready for a fight, while Jake the Snake sneaks up behind him. Jake calls out to his friends to "Kill them!" and the guards jump to their feet, readying their axes.

Fox climbs up and starts doing what he does best – slinging insults. He repeatedly reminds each of these thugs just how smart they are, and just what is going to happen to each of them. Jake picks up a broken chair leg to use as a weapon, while Cold Hands continues blasting the guards with rabid rabbits. The guards don’t put up too much of a fight, but Jake lands a few solid hits. However, they aren’t enough to keep Cold Hands and Fox down, and Jake eventually is no match for the pair.

With Lamont rescued, Cold Hands’ end of the deal is completed, and they can get down to business.

Does Fox know who Shadoweaver is? Will Lamont be a good boy and stay home? Who’s going to clean up this mess? Find out next time, on Hellfrost!

Episode 3
Meeting the Maker

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Dawn arrives and the warm Huntianmonan sun touches the travel tower, again shining light on the carnage from the day before. All rested, Skuli, Milos, Mysti, and Cold Hands head out to return to Aslov, as Skuli has news he must bring to Argius ap-Argius. Bayleaf decided to remain at the travel tower to await his comrades’ return. The road today is quiet and peaceful – a nice change from yesterday – and they make good time (despite Milos’ complaints) thanks to the horse-drawn wagon. Just before mid-day, they reached the West gate of Aslov.

While they wait to enter the city gates, the group collects their toll: 24 silver scields. Skuli covers Cold Hands’ share, as he is sciedless at the moment. Through the gates, they drive up the crowded and filthy streets until they reach The High Hearth Inn on the north side of the Old City, where they are meeting Argius.

The High Hearth Inn is not the nicest inn in the Old City, but it’s proximity to the High Quarter helps keep a constant flow of patrons. Skuli leads the others to an empty table, drops a few silvers and waves the barmaid over while instructing the others to have a drink and wait while he fetches Argius. The two return a few minutes later, just as the drinks arrive.

Argius addresses the group as he pulls out a small purse to hand to each of them:

"Skuli tells me that you were all a great help to him on the road yesterday, and saved his life. I thank you for your assistance, and for your discretion with these rumors. Orcs and bandits are bad enough; we don’t want people to know these creatures have been seen so near the city. Why don’t you tell me what you saw?"

After explaining the previous day’s events, Cold Hands asks if there is any other work Argius might have for them.

"Yes, there is one task I’d like you to do for me, though it is rather menial. I’d like you to head into the High Quarter to retrieve 6 amulets from my friend Rodgar, an alchemist. He has a shop near High Market. He should be expecting someone to pick them up, so just tell him that Argius ap-Argius sent you."

Just as Argius finishes speaking, a rough-looking Tuomi walks in and motions for Argius. Agrius excuses himself as he walks into the back room to speak with the man.

Since Rodgar‘s shop is near High Market, the party takes the opportunity to fist stop at the crowded square to sell the Orcish weapons they acquired the day before. Orcish goods aren’t looked upon fondly in Aslov; the populace sees Orcs as an enemy of all civilized people. Despite this (and the fact that these weapons were crudely made), Mysti was able to find a merchant interested in buying the lot.

Next, the group locates Rodgar‘s shop – a small, windowless building near High Market with only a small sign above the door, reading "Alchemist’s." As they approach through the crowd, a cloaked figure walks into the shop ahead of them.

Cold Hands enters the shop while Mysti ties her wolf outside the door, and witnesses the figure holding an Engro up by the neck! More concerning, however, was that he could see what looked like the Engro’s very life being pulled out of him, flowing toward the figure… Cold Hands calls out to him. The figure turns, revealing his face – a dark-skinned Taiga Elf. He immediately drops the Engro and runs out the back door, but Cold Hands gives chase. Milos Apferas joins him while Mysti Sno takes a moment to check on the Engro, who seems to be dead.

The elf flees through the narrow and twisting alleyways of the Old City, but does not get far before Cold Hands stops him with a hoard of bunnies. As soon as the group catches up to him, Milos holds his sword to the elf’s neck, quietly commanding him to stop resisting. There, in the alley, they attempt to interrogate him (while Mysti pilfers his pockets); Cold Hands demands an explanation both of the magic he witnessed, and what he was doing with (presumably) Rodgar. After many threats, the elf concedes that he would be happy to answer their questions if they dismiss this rabbit-horde and remove their swords from his throat.

From down the alley, a woman calls out to them, asking what they are doing to that elf. It is known that area-effect spells and drawn weapons are legally punishable, so the group felt it was best to head quickly back to Rodgar’s shop. Once there, they have a calm moment to speak to the elf, who identifies himself as Shadoweaver and politely asks for their names as well.

After the brief introductions, he explains what he was doing with Rodgar:

"I had a few things I needed to discuss with Rodgar, and our conversation quickly turned… south. Yes, I did use life-draining magic on him, but he is only partially dead. He can be revived, but not by you."

Calmly, he retrieves a small, glowing, amulet from around his neck and shows it to the group.

"Rodgar’s life-force is held within this amulet."

Before the others are able to really to process this information, Shadoweaver clutches his amulet tightly, smiles, and disappears! Reacting quickly, Cold Hands tries to locate the elf, believing that he had just turned invisible. However, through his attempts he does not believe the elf remains here.

With Shadoweaver gone, Mysti Sno does her best to revive Rodgar, but her Healing Songs seem to have no effect, at first. However, Rodgar opens his eyes, which look unnaturally empty, and grabs and starts attacking her! Cold Hands, no longer interested in taking prisoners, jabs at Rodgar with is antler staff. Milos Apferas pulls Mysti Sno out of "Rodgar’s" clutches while Cold Hands continues his attack.

With Rodgar dead again, Cold Hands, Milos, and Mysti decide that they should inform Argius ap-Argius of his’s fate. They spend a few moments searching the shop and find a small sack with 6 amulets in it, assuming that they are Argius’. Mysti volunteers to watch the shop while Milos and Cold Hands deliver the amulets and the news of Rodgar to Argius ap-Argius.

Milos and Cold Hands head back to The High Hearth Inn to meet with Argius ap-Argius, who is saddened to hear of Rodgar’s fate. When told the details, he requests that they take him there to see for himself.

Mysti Sno takes the opportunity to relive the shop of a few items, since Rodgar won’t be selling them anymore. However, while she is browsing, there is a knock at the back door as a voice identifies itself as an officer of the guard! Her first reaction is to remain silent and hide, but Aerow does not take kindly to the mystery-noise and approaches the door growling and snarling. Her first plan possibly ruined, she calls out to respond “Just a minute!” while she does her best to hide Rodgar’s body. Unable to do too much with him with only one arm, the pressure is on; she realizes that her silver tongue will have to keep the guards out of the main room. She answers the knock at the back door, asking if she can help them. The guards request that she answer a few questions, and ask that they do so inside. While this is not ideal, she feels she should cooperate with them as much as possible.

Thankfully, they came to the back door, which enters into the back room. She invites them to sit and talk at the table there, well out of view of the counter in the front. They ask her if this is her shop and of her relation to Rodgar. She tells them that she is a friend of Rodgar’s, and that he saved her life when she lost her arm. Further, Rodgar is contagiously ill and resting upstairs; she is running his shop until he recovers. They later ask her about her involvement in a fight in the allies, as a woman identified her as one of the assailants. To this, she explains that the culprit robbed the shop, so they gave chase, caught him, but he later escaped. While some of her story is obviously embellished, they buy enough of it and bid her good-day, but also request that she stays in town and in touch as they may need to speak to her again.

As soon as the guards leave, Milos, Cold Hands, and Argius knock at the front door to be let in. Relieved it’s just them, Mysti lets them in and bars the door behind them. Argius examines his friend and explains more to them:

"Rodgar’s lifeforce was taken by this Shadoweaver; we have long been familiar with such magic. However, we are not aware of magic that can pull a man’s life-force from him while he is alive… we have only known it to be possible upon death. I thank you again for your good work and discretion. These amulets are for each of you, as well as these coinpurses. These amulets are both a symbol of membership of the Caeruleum Vigilum, and powerful devices of protection. They produce a magical aura around you, and will draw in life-force as it escapes a being. The life-forces will be contained within the steatite pendant, and have many boons. Hold the amulet tightly, and you can command the power contained within to draw you back to your home, just as the common Sanctuary magics do. Further, the power can help protect you from death!

"We have long strived to return life-force obtained within the steatite amulets to its body, but have been unsuccessful so far. If Shadoweaver has told you he can revive him, then perhaps it is possible. We will transport Rodgar‘s body to a safe place, and hopefully protect it for now. I want you to track down this Shadoweaver and obtain his amulet. Rodgar’s life, if it has any chance of surviving, depends on it."

Episode 2
Trouble on the Road: Part 2

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After the last of their assailants dispatched and the dust settled, our heroes rushed to the aid of Skuli, who had taken an arrow to his neck. To much amazement he was still alive, and Mysti was able to revive him with her healing songs. Cold Hands had to leave the party, as he had important business to tend to outside of Aslov; and Milos looted what little he could from the orcs that had accosted them: a handful of silver (likely stolen from travelers) and a few orcish weapons.

Bayleaf, whose party was traveling within earshot of the battle, split from his group to see if he could help (Fox, Derp, and Jonah were heading back to Aslov as well). As night was approaching, the group continued their journey to the nearby Travel Tower.

As the tower came within sight they could tell that someone was already there, but they were not quite prepared for what they were about to see. They were greeted by a scene of indescribable carnage – what looked like humans and horses torn and thrown about the road and in front of the tower, the stench of death stinging at their noses. The experience was a little too much for Skuli and Milos, who immediately took ill at the sight before them. After composing themselves, the group surmised that a group of travelers were in the process of unpacking their horses here when they were ambushed. There was a huge scuffle at least a few hours ago, but the travelers were either outnumbered or simply no match for whatever it was that attacked them.

They cautiously entered the tower, expecting immediate resistance. However, the first floor looked largely undisturbed. The meager wooden furnishings seemed to be in place, the pile of firewood was in tact, as were the boxes of provisions left by the Roadwardens. Skuli and Milos began building a fire while Bayleaf and Mysti took a look at the upper level of the tower.

Mysti suggested they ascend the stairs as quietly as possible, but, alas, Bayleaf has always been a stranger to silence. He clambered up the stairs into the darkness above to be met with 6 humanoid creatures, each with eyes that glowed blood-red. The noise from Bayleaf’s armor clued the closest creature, and it turned to look straight at Bayleaf, as if it were staring into his very soul! As intimidating as it may have been, Bayleaf was ready for a fight, and quickly rushed in with Mysti close behind, chanting her songs of battle. The struggle was fierce, and required the aid of Milos Apferas from below, who climbed the stairs just in time to send a blazing burst of heat from Morderpyre. Bayleaf was nearly clawed to his doom, making it apparent that these creatures were the cause of the carnage below. After the last of them fell, Skuli was able to match these things with the description he received with the order to investigate the area.

The group did what they could to respectfully dispose of the scene at the Travel Tower. They took shelter in the tower, and Skuli left a donation in the Roadwardens’ box. However, Mysti took half of the silver coins from the donation box, leaving behind two of the orcish swords they took from yesterday’s assailants. Despite the protests from all others present, she felt that she was owed these few silvers and that the swords would more than compensate their loss. After what rest they could get, they made their journey back home to Aslov.

Has the Trouble on the Road truly been stopped? What in Eostre’s name were those things? Find out next time – on Hellfrost!

Previously, on Hellfrost
From the Journal of Mysti Sno

Previously on Hellfrost (Feb. 17th, 2014):

It began, I was performing at the frosty kitten where I had met my former comrade, Cold Hands, who was taking swigs off his antler staff at the bar, quite a skill with the drink he had. In the corner of the room, I recognized a Mage I had met only once before, right about when I gave my arm to Aerow as reward for eternal companionship… But that’s a different story for another bar,at another time. Suddenly, the Mage stood up, wielded the blade he had been sharpening in the corner, walked over to Cold Hands, and stuck his naked blade straight into the heart of Cold Hands’s hand. My comrade laughed it off, removed the sword and flailed his staff toward the Mage. A fight broke out in a swirling of fists and kicks until the barkeep tossed them out. That’s when we heard it, the calling, a telepathic message if you will. Few know about this and even fewer can hear it. But there it was “Hands of mine, creatures have been stalking my town, strange creatures. There is a man waiting for you. Go to him and seek out these monstrosities. Find them and wait for my next message” and with that, the link was gone… For now. I raced with Aerow outside to meet my comrade and the Mage, for I know they had heard it too. We proceeded out into the darkening day to find a man whose name and looks were a mystery. Suddenly, there he was, and we knew. He introduced himself as Spooly and we were off. Into the wilderness we went, not knowing what we sought but feeling a terrible darkness creep across The Frost. I sat in the back huddled with Aerow for warmth, Cold hands making small chitchat next to Spooley, and the Mage sat with an intent, wide eyed, glare at the horses muttering something about conspiracy or something. BAM! A shot in the dark, a piercing point rang out and Spooly slumped to the ground. Panic swept through the air. The Mage screamed something about the horses, Cold Hands cast a spell and suddenly we were pole-vaulted into the air. Aerow and I landed safely to the right of the wagon, I on top of him. Cold Hands clumped into a heap at the front of the PAC and the Mage landed on top of the two entangled Percherons, screaming and wailing. More spines pierced the air, I ran for the woods, trying to spot our attackers. More arrows and there they were! Rider and wolf lunged forward with a boom, exposing the creatures. One was hit by the wave so hard that he began to shake. The other two jumped from the bushes and attacked my two companions. The Mage licked a tongue of fire onto his sword and melted one of the evils in half, Cold hands cast a consuming cloud around the other and he vanished into a pile of black powder. Suddenly the one in the woods came to life and lunged for me with a piercing point, I dodged, and swung my blade, with a swish I missed just as a torrent of rabbits overcame our last enemy. Everything but our enemy’s head was covered in a pulsating swarm of bunnies. What was exposed, soon was misaligned on fault of Aerow who deserved a reward. And that’s where I’ll leave my story for tonight, on this tales “previously on Hellfrost”.


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