Welcome to the campagin wiki! This site will contain all information relevant to our game, as well as a log of our adventures in Rassilon.

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Game Information

System and Theme

Hellfrost is a High-Fantasy setting for Savage Worlds (“SW”). The land, called Rassilon, is extremely detailed and covers a wide range of locales and cultures, all with heavy Norse influence. The world has a very similar feel to Westeros (of Game of Thrones; winter has come) with a lot more magic thrown about.

If you’re so inclined, here are links to the rulebooks:

Don’t feel like you need to pick up both of these, but I would recommend the core SW book if you enjoy playing SW. It’s cheap, and that book can easily be used for many different kinds of games, even without extra setting books.

In any case, the game will start to move more quickly as everyone becomes more familiar with the rules. If you don’t want to (or can’t) pick up the core rule book, Pinnacle (the Savage Worlds publisher) provides a free abridged version of the rules, available here. This covers only the very basics of the system, but is well worth a read.

Character Creation

We’ll use standard character creation except as detailed in house rules below. You could create a character from scratch, or take and modify (or not) one of the pregenerated Hellfrost characters. Check the Character Creation page for more info. If you’re interested in making a magic-using character, also check out the Arcane Powers page.


I’d like to try to keep this sandboxy for reasons you’ll see below. That will require a little more effort from whoever is playing to keep the story moving (and to avoid that “well, what do we do now?” feeling), but it will give us an infinitely flexible game. Published campaigns are awesome, but they can also put a damper on getting everyone together:

Sessions / Adventures

The biggest issue most of the games I’ve been a part of have run into is availability – especially as more people are added. It’s great to get absolutely everyone together every time, but that’s very difficult to accomplish. I propose that we form the characters such that they all belong some some organization that sends them on various quests, and we attempt to keep quests short enough to fit into one session. That way, not everybody has to attend every game session (because all the characters are together at the start and end), and missing a session won’t end up causing a character to be an NPC for a while.

Character Advancement

Obviously, if someone misses a game then their character wouldn’t be part of that session’s story, missing out on that sweet XP. That’s okay. Not all of you may be convinced, but the power difference between the various ranks in Savage Worlds is not of the same caliber as levels in That-Other-System. Where a Level 3 Fighter might scoff at an Orc, an Orc in SW could still potentially take out a Veteran Badass with some lucky acing or good tactics. Conversely, that Orc might crush a Level 1 Fighter with a mighty sneeze, but that SW Novice Badass can probably kick his arse. Higher-ranked characters in SW may have more options or be more developed than low-ranked character, but the n00bs don’t get so easily out-shined.

Guest Players

Keeping each session mostly isolated could also make it easy to bring in another player occasionally, whether they are a new addition with a built character, or just a friend with a pregen who wants to play once or twice.


Keeping each session mostly isolated could also make it easy for someone other than me to GM sometimes, if anyone would be interested. This isn’t to say I don’t want to GM – just that I’m cool with sharing.


I’ve become a fan of playing out combats without miniatures, though I know some of you really enjoy that. I’ll try to make sure there’s a good mix of maps and no-maps.

House Rules

Check out the House Rules page for additions or modifications that we’ll be using.


It’s difficult to get so many people together on a regular basis, especially when we communicate with each other through various ways (email, text, calls, etc). To help me (and hopefully everyone else) save time and energy, this wiki will be the primary route of game-communication between us outside of gaming sessions. The Calendar is where games will be scheduled (please reply to events as ‘Going’ or ‘Not Going’ so I can plan accordingly), the Forum is where we’ll discuss rules and whatever-else, character sheets will be kept up-to-date in Characters, sessions will be logged in Adventure Log, etc.

I’m making an effort to keep all of our information consolidated here, so please try to do the same.

Hellfrost Episodes

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