House Rules

Here we will list any house rules we decide to use in the game.

Rule of Cool

If you’ve got a cool idea for a character (or anything, really) that you’d like to see, we can probably make it work.

Character Advancement

Instead of handing out 2 or 3 XP per session as per the core rules, I’d like to adopt Half-Advances. Each session, a character gets half an advance. A half advance can be spent to bump one Skill that is below its linked Attribute, or saved for later. Two half advances can be spend as a normal Advance (go figure).

Character Profession

To help develop characters a little more, each character may be created with a free d6 in a Knowledge Skill appropriate to the character’s previous profession. You may split this into two free d4’s if you’d prefer. This may apply to such skills as Knowledge (Alchemy) or Knowledge (Battle) so long as the character concept is appropriate, like a professional Alchemist or Leader, respectively.

Encumbrance: Significant Items

We will track item weight as Significant Items, as detailed in the Encumbrance Wiki Page.

“Previously, on Hellfrost”

This has worked well in previous games, so I’d like to continue this. Each session will begin with a quick discussion called “Previously, on Hellfrost.” Anyone who would like to is given an opportunity to recap the last session. This allows us a moment to remember what’s going on in the game, and to help us get into gaming-mode. As motivation, whichever player gives the best review of the previous session(s) will start the game with an extra Benny. Who’s review is best is determined by the group.

Quick Combat

Let’s face it – fights that drag out get boring fast. To help move combats along, we’ll make more use of the Hold action. If you aren’t sure what you want to do in a round, go on Hold and hop in whenever you’re ready (that’s what the action is for). If it’s obvious that you don’t know what you want to do, we’ll just put you on hold. To be fair, this will apply equally to the NPCs as well.

Untrained Fighter (From Savage Armoury)

You may temporarily gain the benefits of Frenzy or Sweep for the round, ignoring their requirements (including the rank restriction for using Frenzy with Two Weapons), but you suffer -2 Parry until the beginning of your next turn.

Modified Edge: Frenzy (From Savage Armoury)

  • Requirements: Novice, Fighting d10
  • This is now a Novice Edge, although it cannot be combined with the Two Weapons rule until you reach Seasoned rank. It may now also be used for Throwing attacks.

Modified Edge: Improved Frenzy (From Savage Armoury)

  • Requirements: Novice, Frenzy
  • This is now a Novice Edge, although it cannot be combined with the Two Weapons rule until you reach Seasoned rank. It also reduces the Rapid Attack penalty to -2 for Fighting and Throwing attacks.

New Edge: Rapid Frenzy (From Savage Armoury)

  • Requirements: Seasoned, Improved Frenzy
  • You no longer suffer -2 Parry when using Rapid Attack for Fighting or Throwing attacks.

New Edge: Improved Rapid Frenzy (From Savage Armoury)

  • Requirements: Seasoned, Rapid Frenzy
  • You no longer suffer any penalties when using Rapid Attack for Fighting or Throwing attacks.

Natural Healing

  • Natural Healing rolls are made every Four days (one half week) instead of Five.

Hellfrost updated to SWD

The Hellfrost setting was originally written for the previous edition of Savage Worlds. While not many things of import changed, there are some points that need to be made:


The Guts skill has been removed, and its uses replaced with Spirit.

  • Corageous Edge: Change Guts requirement to Spirit
  • Disciple of Hela and Watcher of the Black Gate Edges: Drop Guts requirement

Forbidden Edges

The following standard Edges are not available. If you have chosen any of these for you character, please replace the Edge with something else.

  • Brave (use Courageous from the Hellfrost Player’s Guide)
  • Elan
  • Martial Artist

Replacement Characters

Replacement characters in Hellfrost begin with 50% of the deceased character’s Experience Points. This is modified by Glory, as detailed in the Hellfrost Player’s Guide.

Situational Combat Rules

  • Push maneuvers add Size as a fixed modifier to the Strength rolls.


  • Spells: A single casting may only affect a single target

House Rules

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