Below is a quick explanation of the Hellfrost Calendar. Further information (such as holidays) can be found as a free download on Triple Ace Game’s Hellfrost page


A year in Rassiolon is made up of 13 months, each with 4 weeks of 8 days.

Months and Seasons

Month Translation Hearthlands Low Winterlands High Winterlands
Snaermonan Snowmoon Winter Winter Winter
Frostmonan Frostmoon Winter Winter Winter
Eostremonan Eostremoon Winter/Spring Winter Winter
Plohmonan Plowmoon Spring Winter/Spring Winter
Sowanmonan Sowingmoon Spring Spring Winter/Spring
Werremonan Warmoon Spring Spring Spring
Sceranmonan Shearingmoon Summer Summer Summer
Hegmonan Haymoon Summer Summer Fall
Haerfestmonan Harvestmoon Summer Fall Winter
Falmonan Fallmoon Fall Fall Winter
Huntianmonan Huntingmoon Fall Winter Winter
Fogmonan Fogmoon Fall Winter Winter
Wulfmonan Wolfmoon Winter Winter Winter

Days of the Week

Name Translation
Heafoddaeg “Headday”
Waescdaeg “Washday”
Marketdaeg “Marketday”
Monandaeg “Moonday”
Sunnandaeg “Sunday”
Healfdaeg “Halfday”
Milcdaeg “Milkday”
Endedaeg “Endday”


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