Tracking Encumbrance is annoying, but I feel it’s an important aspect of both the game’s immersion and of a character’s Strength attribute. We will track encumbrance in a simplified way through use of Significant Items.

Significant Items

A character can effortlessly carry a number of Significant Items equal to half his Strength score (So a character with Strength of d6 can carry 3 Significant Items without penalty). Most items count as 1 Significant Item, though particularly heavy items may count as more. Divide an item’s weight (in pounds) by 10 and round to the nearest whole number to determine its weight in Significant Items.

Carrying more than your limit imparts a -1 penalty on Strength and Agility trait tests (Including linked Skills). A character is unable to carry weight over a -3 penalty.

Insignificant Items

If an item is not heavy enough to be significant, its weight needn’t be tracked, within reason.


This system is detailed further in Zadmar’s Savage Armoury


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