Cold Hands

Taiga Elf Druid


Name: Cold Hands
Race: Taiga Elf; Rank: Novice; Advances: 4 (View Adventures)
Charisma: -2; Glory: 0

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d10, Strength d4, Vigor d4
Skills: Fighting d10, Notice d8, Druidism d12; Knowledge (Arcana) d6

Pace: 6; Parry: 8 (1); Toughness: 6 (2)

  • All Thumbs (Racial)
  • Heat Lethargy (Racial)
  • Insular (Racial)
  • Vengeful (vs Vampires)
  • Agile (Racial): d6 Agility, can raise Agility to d12+3
  • Forest Born (Racial): Not affected by difficult ground in forests; overland speed is higher in forests
  • Low Light Vision (Racial)
  • Natural Realms (Racial): treat Elfhomes as Wilds
  • Winter Soul (Racial): +2 Vigor vs Cold Weather, +2 Armor vs Cold/Coldfire/Ice attacks
  • Arcane Background (Druidism)
    • +1 to Druidism rolls in completely natural environments
    • +0 in rural environments
    • -1 in Urban areas
  • 1 Chain Hauberk
  • 1 Antler Staff
    • Damage Str+d6; Reach +1; 2 Hands; Parry +1
    • +1 to Disarm Foes
    • Gang-Up -1
  • 2 Great Axe
    • Damage Str+d12; AP 1; 2 Hands; Roll to ready
  • 0 Steatite Amulet
  • 0 122 gs
  • Taiga Elven
  • Trader?
  • ?
  • ?
Special Abilities
  • Burst: Cone template; Targets roll opposed Agility vs 2d10 damage; Heavy Weapon
  • Nature’s Grasp (Entangle): Vines burst from the ground, entangling those above. Range Smarts
    • Targets a single Small or Medium target. With a -1 Penalty, it may affect a single Large target or a Medium Burst Template. With a -2 Penalty, it may affect a single Huge target or a Large Burst Template
    • Druidism vs. Agility
    • Success partially restrains the target (-2 Pace and skills linked to Agility/Strength. A Raise completely restrains the target, who cannot move or use Agility/Strength Skills. Parry drops to 2.
    • Each round, targets may make a Strength or Agility roll to break free. Other characters may also attempt to free the targets by making a Strength -2 roll.
  • Barkskin (Armor): A layer of bark grows over the target’s skin. Range: Touch; Duration: 3
    • Success grants 2 points of Armor
    • Raise grants 4 points of Armor
  • Bolt

Cold Hands

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