Frost Dwarf Rune Mage


Name: Bayleaf
Race: Frost Dwarf; Rank: Novice; Advances: 4 (View Adventures)
Charisma: -2 (0 if dealing with other Frost Dwarves); Glory: 13

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d6

  • Healing: d6
  • Healing-Rune: d8 (+1 Runic Insight)
  • Knowledge (Arcana): d8
  • Fighting: d6
  • Notice: d6
  • Survival: d6
  • Throwing: d6

Pace: 5; Parry: 6 (1); Toughness: 7 (2)

  • Heat Lethargy (Racial): 1 to all Trait Rolls in Temperatures of 53 o F or higher
  • Insular (Racial): -2 Charisma when dealing with other Races
  • Slow (Racial): -1 Pace
  • Necromantic Weakness (Minor): Susceptible to attacks from the undead. -2 to Trait rolls to resist an undead creature’s supernatural special attacks
  • Stubborn (Minor)
  • Heroic (Major)
  • Low Light Vision (Racial): Ignore penalties for darkness in all but Pitch Darkness
  • Mountain Born (Racial): Suffer no penalties for movement in mountains or hills
  • Tough (Racial): Starting Vigor d6; may raise to d12+3
  • Winter Soul (Racial): +2 to Vigor rolls against the effects of Cold Weather, and +2 Armor vs Cold, Coldfire, or Ice attacks
  • Arcane Background (Rune Magic)
  • Runic Insight: +1 when casting with Healing-Rune
  • 1 Battle Ax: Damage Str+d8; Reach +1
  • 1 Short Spear: Damage Str+d6; Reach +1
  • 1 Chain Shirt (+2, Torso only)
  • 1 Medium Shield (Parry +1)
  • 1 Furs
  • 0 Healer’s bag
Special Abilities
  • Healing Rune

Bayleaf was born into a small dwarven family of 14 brothers and sister to his parents Igra and Malak. Although not the youngest child, Bayleaf was the runt of the family, making him the subject of torment by his siblings. This constant teasing, however, proved to be a source of inspiration to Bayleaf, as he used the taunts to push himself in the hopes of being known throughout the land as the greatest Frost Dwarf ever to live. One day, while in the woods training, Bayleaf stumbled upon a sight he had not seen before: a creature which had the vague appearance of a dwarf, only larger. Having only lived among his brethren, Bayleaf did not recognize that it was a man who stood before him. The man stood over strange symbols chanting in a language foreign to Bayleaf. Suddenly, a burst of energy exploded from the circle, knocking Bayleaf unconscious. He awoke later to the screams from his home and strange chattering noises. When he rushed to his home, he found it in ruins and strange skeletal creatures destroying all he held dear. Worst of all: the chattering was the laughter from the skeletons at the mayhem they were causing. Bayleaf fought bravely, but his proximity to the spell’s release gave Bayleaf a weakness to the creatures which he could not fully overcome. After hours of combat, most of his home was gone, along with much of his family and friends. Bayleaf vowed on that day to train even harder and to learn the art of rune carving so that he might one day find this sorcerer and exact his revenge. Bayleaf holds all those who are not Frost Dwarf partially responsible for the destruction of his way of life. However, Bayleaf recognized that he could not exact revenge alone. Bayleaf has put aside some of his mistrust in order to track down his foe and avenge his fallen kin.


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