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Episode 4


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As Argius ap-Argius turns to leave, he mentions an elderly Anari that may be able to help find information about Shadoweaver.

"You may benefit from speaking to Fox, an older gentleman who runs a store in the South end of the Old City. He’s a bit of a curmudgeon, but he’s lived here a long time and knows a lot of people here."

Cold Hands offers to go down to Fox’ shop while Milos and Mysti watch over Rodgar and his place. Argius tells them that he will send for someone to take Rodgar somewhere safer, and thanks them again for all of their help.

Cold Hands heads south through the Old City looking for Fox’ shop, and finds it just as Fox is returning from his recent adventure. After confirming that this old man is Fox, Cold Hands introduces himself and asks if he wouldn’t mind answering a few questions. Fox takes a sharp breath, ready to respond with insult, but is stopped as he goes to unlock his door – it’s been broken into. Frustrated, he offers to answer the questions if Cold Hands helps him check out his home.

Cold Hands enters the shop to find the whole room littered with what looks like junk. Everything is out of place, as if the room was wantonly rummaged through. He warns Fox to prepare himself, who just scoffs and walks in as if everything is where it should be. Fox asks Cold Hands to take a look around to make sure no one is here while he checks his inventories.

They both take their time through the mess of a store and eventually meet in the kitchen, where a note is pinned to a table with a small dagger. Before reading the note, Fox tries to sell the dagger to Cold Hands, who is obviously a bit of a fighter.

We have your son. If you want to see him again, bring 500 gold scields to the old warehouse down the road at dusk on Endedaeg. Come alone.

Fox is both overjoyed and enraged – he had just spent the last few days in the wilderness looking for his son, Lamont, who he had believed to have been taken prisoner by a band of Orcs. He and his friends found and dispatched the Orcs, but Lamont was nowhere to be found. Now his son is supposedly alive, but he hasn’t the funds to pay this ransom. He looks again at Cold Hands and asks him if he would help rescue his son. In return, he will try to do more than just answer the questions. Eager for a fight and to find Shadoweaver, Cold Hands accepts.

With this being Milcdaeg, the pair have a day to prepare. Even with their personal funds combined, they do not have the demanded $500, so they devise a plan. They will first scout the warehouse and attempt to find the kidnappers in an attempt to see what kind of security will be there. Then, they will disguise a bag of coins to pass as gold at a glance.

First, Fox disguises himself so he is not spotted by the kidnappers, as he is known well enough in this part of town. During this time, Cold Hands heads down to the warehouse to get a quick look. Being unfamiliar with the locals here (and uncomfortable in the city in general), he doesn’t notice anything out of the ordinary – the streets are teeming with people, filth, and filthy people.

A few minutes later, Fox shows up in disguise and begins asking around for Lamont. Most people don’t respond, while some point him toward Fox’ shop. However, one Engro seems a little nervous:

"W-Where do you think he’d be, eh? That old coot’s shop, of course, yeah. Why would I know, anyway?"

When pushed a little more for information, he quickly tries to end the conversation. However, Fox offers to buy him a meal, which turns his attitude around. They walk over to The Leaky Roof Tavern, find a table (conveniently in a semi-private spot), and order some food. Thanks to the food shortage in Aslov, the barely-edible gruel cost a hefty 10 silver scields, but Fox acts as if it’s nothing. The engro eats quickly, thanks the strange man for the meal, and again directs him toward Fox’s shop, insisting multiple times that he would find Lamont there.

By this point, Cold Hands had followed them to the tavern, and sees the engro leave in a hurry. He ducks into an alley, and Cold Hands casually gives chase. Making sure to keep plenty of distance between them, his target remains unaware that he is being followed. The engro leads Cold Hands through the alleys of the Old City to the very warehouse they’ve been watching!

Returning to Fox, they devise yet another plan. They believe that this small fellow will be warning whoever is holding Lamont that people are asking around about him. To prevent them from preparing too much, Fox and Cold Hands decide to run in head-on to free Lamont.

As the reach the warehouse’s front door, the Milcdaeg dusk is approaching, and with it a chilly evening. Refugees that are lucky enough to be inside the city walls are flocking to find shelter, and this abandoned building is a perfect place. Expecting a fight, Fox and Cold Hands attempt to pose as a city official and a buyer interested in purchasing the building to clear out as many refugees as possible. They manage to convince the majority of them to leave (with threats of legal action), when they spot the Engro standing with a Saxa in front of a door in the back of the building.

Wasting no time, Cold Hands summons a hoard of rabbits upon the two guards, who are immobilized. With nary a word, he walks up to the Engro and jabs his antler staff through him. The remaining refugees start running in fear, clearing the building completely. Turning to the other guard, he demands to know where Lamont is. The Saxa, terrified and nearly helpless, tells him that Jake the Snake has him in the back room – right through there!

Cold Hands takes a step back, thanks the guard, and summons yet another rabbit – and not the cuddly kind that hold his victims down. This one has sharp, pointy teeth, and viciously sharpens them on the poor Saxa guard.

Fox and Cold Hands move into the room to find it empty, with an open hatch in the floor. Fox, hearing footsteps running through the sewers below, exclaims that they hurry!

The sewers are dark, dank, and full; but Fox and Cold Hands try their best to ignore the state of these tunnels as they chase who they believe is Jake the Snake. Their quarry was easy to follow, thanks to the torch he was carrying. With further help from his entangling rabbit-friends, Cold Hands manages to stop the both of them.

One of the men was, indeed, Jake the Snake, who begrudgingly directs them toward a ladder into another building. Cold Hands climbs up first, to see a small room with two more Saxa men guarding over a man tied to a chair – Lamont! He leaps up into the room, ready for a fight, while Jake the Snake sneaks up behind him. Jake calls out to his friends to "Kill them!" and the guards jump to their feet, readying their axes.

Fox climbs up and starts doing what he does best – slinging insults. He repeatedly reminds each of these thugs just how smart they are, and just what is going to happen to each of them. Jake picks up a broken chair leg to use as a weapon, while Cold Hands continues blasting the guards with rabid rabbits. The guards don’t put up too much of a fight, but Jake lands a few solid hits. However, they aren’t enough to keep Cold Hands and Fox down, and Jake eventually is no match for the pair.

With Lamont rescued, Cold Hands’ end of the deal is completed, and they can get down to business.

Does Fox know who Shadoweaver is? Will Lamont be a good boy and stay home? Who’s going to clean up this mess? Find out next time, on Hellfrost!



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