Hellfrost Episodes

Episode 1

Trouble on the Road

Characters Present:


The session began with brief Player/Character introductions, since the characters know each other already.


As relatively new initiates of the Caeruleum Vigilum, they were assigned to investigate reports of strange creatures on the road leading NorthWest from Aslov. Skuli Agdisunu, another member, organized the investigation. After meeting with the group, he led them outside the city gates where a wagon was waiting. Milos Apferas didn’t like the idea of taking horse-drawn transportation, but he dealt with it as best he could.

A few hours into their journey, Skuli, who was driving the wagon, turned behind him to speak with Mysti Sno and, to everyone’s surprise, took an arrow to the neck! Mysti Sno’s first reaction was to leave the wagon with her wolf, Aerow, but Aerow was nervous about the moving platform. Milos Apferas was too distracted by the beasts pulling the wagon to do much, but Cold Hands quickly commanded vines from the very ground to grab the horses, stopping them short.

Naturally, everyone was thrown from their seats; and to Milos Apferas’ dismay, he flew right up front next to poor Skuli and the horses. As quickly as he could, he climbed off the wagon to join Cold Hands on the side of the road to assess the situation. Mysti Sno rode Aerow into the foliage in an attempt to both take cover and locate their assailants. Spying a few creatures in some bushes, she sang out – her very voice stunning one of the assailant’s where he stood.

Cold Hands, aware that Milos Apferas was still nervous from their ride, called once again on his Druidic abilities to cast Barkskin on his cohort. Just as soon as he did, two Orcs charged from the treeline, and would have wounded Milos had it not been for his hardened skin. Milos Apferas, now distracted from the ride, focused his elemental abilities through his sword, Morderpyre. The blade, engulfed with fire and gleaming with red-hot light, cut through the Orc before him as if it were a dry twig. Cold Hands dispatched the other with a summoned blast of darkness.

Surrounded and stunned, the remaining Orc was easy to capture, but without a common language between them, the investigators felt it was best to rid the road of him.

Were these common Orcs the reported mysterious threat of the road? Will Skuli live to continue driving the wagon? How many gold scields were the Orcs carrying? Find out next time – on Hellfrost!



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