Hellfrost Episodes

Episode 0

Prisoner of War

Note: This was a mostly unplanned session, and the exact order of events may have differed from what is described below. Some minor details were added to fit into our main plot.

Characters Present


The group has been tasked with rescuing an associate of the Caeruleum Vigilum who was captured during an Orc raid of a caravan heading to Aslov. They tracked the raiding party from the scene through the forest, and eventually spied smoke trails from a campfire. They cautiously approached the camp to observe, and Derp, who speaks Orcish, moved in closer.

Judging by the tents, they would be outnumbered, so Derp attempted to distract the guards. All was going well until Fox began making noise behind his cover… more orcs were alerted, so they had to move fast. Derp was spotted by an investigating guard and about to meet the wrong end of an axe, when Jonah charged down the hill, taking out the guards. Unfortunately, the noise alerted the rest of the camp.

The orcs fell like flies to the group, with a few exceptions. Fox scared the guts out of what he believed to be the leader, but Bayleaf was nearly wounded by a berserker. After all was said and done, only the orcs were left hurt, but no sign of prisoners were found.



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